The reach our work has enjoyed comes from creating inspiring stories and then backing it up with a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure it is seen by the right channels and influencers in the right way.

Pegasus Project

The Pegasus Project is a time-lapse film that documents the growth of a Great Dane puppy who was rescued as a puppy from backyard breeders. There was hardly a large international news site that did not feature it. MacDuff helped feed the story to influencers and handled all the press, Youtube account and optmisation, even offers of international book deals!

Pegasus Project Stats

Run Jose

Run Jose is a story about a very special man, a former child soldier who was trained to kill but risked his life to run for peace. Besides producing a hard hitting story, MacDuff worked with a solid strategy to make sure the film was seen by many. And if the feel good factor of the film was not enough, we ran a successful crowd funder for him to attend screenings of his film in France and talk about his powerful message.

Pegasus Project Stats

Johnny Neon – Hearts

Billed as the ‘first music video shot by a dog’ by Huffington Post and BuzzFeed – the music video for Johnny Neon’s “Hearts” set the trend for filmmaking from a dog’s point of view.

Pegasus Project Stats