What do we do?

We don’t just create content, we create viral hits. So far it’s working…

What makes us different from a branded content company?

We only focus on stories that have a high shareability factor, and work hard in crafting the story and seeding strategy to maximise this.

We don’t just produce popular clickbait either. Our focus is on telling inspiring, uplifting and positive stories of all shapes and sizes that make you jump out your seat and tell your friends.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the filmmaking and production wheel, we’re just focussing on the most exciting part of it.

Why inspiring stories?

Although people think current media is full of all the sad and violent stuff, it is the positive stories that travel. A look at the popular emotions in stories that get traction shows awe, laughter and amusement equal 57% in comparison to poor old sadness and anger coming in at 7%! This kind of research is the foundation of our work.



Sometimes a client and/or agency has a story in place. We come on as early as possible and combine our experience and knowledge to craft something great.

Other times we get a call saying client wants to get involved on a piece of content that will have huge appeal and we provide everything from story origination, development, brand tie-in, full production and through to seeding strategy, clickthrough optimisation and Youtube channel management. We follow all the way through to marketing, Youtube channel management, optimisation and monetisation, and using relationships with the press and infuencers to spread the story far and wide.

What makes us different is we aren’t just saying we understand how to do this, we’ve got a wealth of experience in pulling it off to the tune of millions of hits!

We also have a bank of existing stories we are constantly following and developing that need brand associations for them to be told. Part of our success is in how we approach every job uniquely. The best thing to do is contact us for an obligation-free chat.


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